Heavy Duty Wet Core Bit

$60.00 - $199.00
Minimum Quantity: 1

This is a high quality wet core bit for drilling up to 14" deep in reinforced concrete, cured concrete, green concrete, asphalt over concrete, masonry, stone, brick and block, and stucco.
Each segment has lots of large diamonds you can see and produce lots of holes. Use our heavy duty wet core bit instead of renting bits or hiring out a driller this way you will save big on your cost per hole.
All bits under 2" are 5/8"-11 threaded while those that are 2" and above are 1 1/4"-7 threaded which is the industry standard.
We guarantee that our line of heavy duty wet core bit will exceed your expectations or your money back period! Have questions? Go to our contact page and drop us a note!

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Nevis, 01/06/2010

I don't see any need to try the more expensive wet bits because this heavy duty bit gets the job done. I bought two of them thinking I am going to need both for my project and it only took one of them to drill all the holes. The best of it is there is plenty of life left on the segments!