Professional Asphalt Over Concrete Blade

$269.00 - $1,236.00
Minimum Quantity: 1

Our professional asphalt over concrete diamond blade is perfect for your walk behind saws. It is the ideal blade for public works (DOT) jobs or professional cutters. Three step undercut protection enhances the performance of these supreme diamond blades coupled with high diamond concentration for a very long life. Put this saw blade on your walk behind saw and you will be absolutely mesmerized. These saw blades can be manufactured with an increased thickness if needed. Just give us a call at 1-866-831-2846 should you have any questions.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Stan B., 12/22/2009

I am getting great footage on these blades. I am glad I called Tom the owner to explain him the kind of work I was doing. What a knowledgeable man! I got charged extra for to increase the thickness of the blades but it was all worth it. I whole heatedly recommend