Ultra Pro Brick and Block Blade

$199.00 - $369.00

The Ultra Pro Brick and Block Blade aka "The Brick Master" is truly the mason's dream blade. Whether you run a 14" or a 20" block saw on your jobs, you will find this blade cuts through every type of masonry and stone. The .395" turbo style laser welded segments are made to withstand the most extreneous types of work. However, the best feature of this blade is the masterfully cut and resin filled silent core. Twenty first century jobsites require that masonry saws be moved to one of the far corners of the site due to the high decibel noise level when cutting. That's where the silent core feature come in play, it almost entirely nullifies the noise. You won't find a similar nor comparable brick and block blade anywhere at these "going out of business" prices.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Jack W., 12/18/2009

After trying this blade, it's indeed "the brick master" This blade is indefatigable!